Our in-floor rotating cleaning nozzles are placed strategically in your pool floor, steps and benches. These nozzles work together to systematically sweep dirt out of our pool through the main drain and skimmer. After about an hour, every square inch of your pool will be swept once. After a few hours, your pool will be cleaned and the nozzles will disappear back into the pool floor.
When it comes to spending your free time, there are more important things to do than tending to your swimming pool. Thanks to the in-floor cleaning system, your pool can be built to clean itself while you relax. With no vacuum hoses left floating in the pool, all that’s left is sparkling clean water.

Pros of In-Floor Cleaning:
● Versatile – ideally suited for difficult shaped pools and lap pools
● High yield – it can handle very high debris levels
● Easy skimming – it will free up the skimmer box and enable leaves to be skimmed from the surface of the pool
● Minimal effort – minimal maintenance and effort on your part is required
● Water circulation – helps to circulate water through the pool, resulting in less algae growth and improved water chemistry
● Heating circulation – aids heating circulation throughout the entire pool
● No cord – as it is all in-floor, no cord is needed to run up and out of the pool to a power outlet

Cons of In-Floor Cleaning:
● Only water – doesn’t clean the wall of the pool
● Pre-installed – can only be fitted to a pool during the construction stage
● Requires extra energy – may require separate dedicated pump to operate it. This significantly increases energy consumption and ultimately cost
● Investment – fairly high investment up front

Our Robotic Pool cleaner is equipped with the latest technology and are perfect for all types of pool shapes, sizes and surfaces. Benefits of using the robotic pool cleaner is that it cleans up to 4 times better thanks to the new 3D filter bag. This bag has fabric which loops and traps the smallest microparticles. With an easy-to adjust nozzle, this cleaner picks up light particles with ease, while having the nozzle released allows the pickup of heavier particles. The wheels ensure that your cleaner adapts perfectly to any surface, ensuring maximum grip to walls and all types of slopes.

Pros of Robotic Cleaning:
● Economical – These cleaners combine user-friendly operation with water, energy and chemical conservation features
● Save energy – requires minimal electrical power to operate its inbuilt pump and motor
● Independent circulation – independent to the pump and filter system, allowing better circulation of water
● Easy skimming – will free up the skimmer box and enable leaves to be skimmed from the surface of the pool
● Remote control – Some can be controlled by remote control to allow you to guide it to those hard to clean spots
● Scrubbing brushes – equipped with scrubbing brushes
● Minimal effort – minimal maintenance and effort on your behalf
● Water circulation – helps circulate water through the pool
● Price – not too expensive

Cons of Robotic Cleaning:
● Extra efforts required – it is recommended by manufactures that you remove the cleaner after each use, the cleaners internal filter bag or cartridge require emptying and cleaning, the cleaners cable needs to be wound up and stored correctly after each operation
● Requires a cord – a cord is attached to the cleaner and will run from it to a power connection

So which is better? The in-floor cleaning or the robotic cleaner? – This decision is a personal choice. It depends on how much money you are wanting to spend and how much time you have to clean your pool. Both options provide positive outcomes, but it comes down to individual needs.



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