Lush Lifestyle Construction specialise in custom concrete swimming pools and spas, with the main benefit being versatility.

We can design a pool or spa to almost any size, shape or depth and install in, out or partially out of ground. Our pools are all dug, formed up and have shotcrete applied directly on site, in accordance with the Certified Engineers design.

Concrete is an ideal option for properties with slope, as well as properties cranes and truck access is limited. Concrete Pools also offer more choice in finish, with endless possibilities for you to customise the pool to your style with tile and render colour selections. 

Infinity Edge

An infinity edge pool (negative edge, zero edge or vanishing edge) is a swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. This type of pool creates an impressive effect of blending your pool into the environment.

Sloping block

Sloping block? Don’t let your sloping backyard get in the way of you achieving your dream swimming pool. We are able to design and construct a concrete pool to suit your requirements.


A concrete spa is the perfect way to compliment your swimming pool. Whether you are wanting to incorporate the spa in the swimming pool, or have it stand alone, Lush Lifestyle can produce the spa you desire. Your pool can be gas heated, which allows it to be enjoyed all year round.

Pools for small spaces

With the demand for housing space, blocks today are getting smaller. However, don’t let that discourage. With our quality designs and construction, your small pool will still have the ability to make a big statement.
Design Escapes

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